Sometimes wine is just necessary. 

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Ready for stomping! #grapestomp #water2wine

Grape stomp grapes have arrived! #wine #domo #water2wine @officialdomo

Some wine ecards for your Sunday

Grape Stomp!

Can you believe we only have one more week until our annual grape stomp! Last weeks Pampering & Pinots with a Purpose was a huge success to kick off our fundraising for the local Round Rock Serving Center.

We are excited to host Roger Len Smith, Randy Stern, & Jim Ragland with their fantastic, acoustic, original live music. Friday 6-8pm & Saturday 12-2pm & 3-5pm.

Next weekend you will need to donate in order to stomp the grapes, either non-perishable food items or a small cash donation.

We will have tee shirts that can be purchased and you can put your grapey footprints on the back of the shirt for a unique souvenir from the event. We like to keep it family friendly and we have tee shirt sizes for the little ones as well.

Until then: Cheers, enjoy the week, and hope to see y’all next weekend!


Oh Nero D’Avola, so good to have you back! #wine #suchagoodred #water2wine

#saturday #water2wine #domo #tempranillo

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